Humility: A Gateway Into The Soul

Humility and thankfulness transcend the understanding in all our trials. Especially of those situations that help in our advancement to go deeper into ourselves. We must carry them and use them fondly. It is what grants us access to proceed in the current trial at hand. If we've given God our “yes”, then we must know that some present sufferings are a result of that “yes.” It has allowed Him to reach deeper in, inviting us closer. We cannot move past the surface of ourselves without walking through the walls, defenses, wounds, and memories that have inhibited us for so long. If we think we’ve already arrived, we’ve already forfeited true intimacy with the King. Humility is the greeter that meets us, takes us in, and slowly removes these burdens out from us. Humility is the friend that guides us to the Beloved Himself in the deepest chambers of our hearts. Oh, how pride has kept us from humility– the spirit that unties the knots, breathes in surrender, and lets go.

Often we fret when we’re faced with a struggle and back out. Our minds see a glimpse and cannot process it, so it chooses to opt out. What we’re backing out of is not the situation itself, but of the depth of ourselves that’s been shutdown and hidden for so long. It is in those dark, uncovered places the Beloved seeks to shine His light and dwell there in us. It is in those places where He says intimacy awaits.

Will we walk through the turbulence inside– the layers upon layers in which have been guarded by creatures of oppression to surrender and humble ourselves? To be broken again and again, however many times is necessary? Then so be it. Our walk with the Beloved is an ebb and flow and He grants us the desires we do not know we have. Our souls run far much deeper than we know, with places we’ve never seen.

Oh, how little we’ve advanced going into the depths because of fear! God has touched a place in us that has been dormant for so long. We feel as if we’ve awoken a beast and we’re trying to put back to sleep. But the more terrifying thought would be, to know of its existence and continue to host it and many others just like it? God does not cause us to suffer more than we have allowed ourselves to. It is His power and mercy to touch those places and bring us out of these internal torments. We’re only able to see their hold and excruciating pain in us when He touches that place, bringing us face to face with it. I want to express this rightly: those ‘things’ were already causing us pain before their blatant manifestation, yet some of us believe they are to be new sufferings placed upon us because of what God is doing. How foolish our minds work sometimes! It is the invitation of our Beloved, beckoning us to go deeper, and we must press through and relinquish the things that have resided in us for so long. Whether they were to protect ourselves or stationed there to keep ourselves in survival mode, they must be pulled out one by one. God is so gracious to reveal things to our minds– aspects of our life in which we’ve been stolen from because of these walls and defenses. This is will make it easier to let them go and see their full effect its had in our life.

To fight this oh so sovereign process would be foolish. It would be like taking the knot we already have inside ourselves and tying it with a greater one, strangling our souls because it does not understand the process. God can only bring these things about, yet, at one point in our lives, we’ve said, “God, come deeper…. God, I want more of you… God, heal me…,” etc, and we must humble ourselves to the answers of those prayers. In God’s presence, our minds are renewed, therefore we begin to desire and ask Him for things He’s wanting to grant us.

I want to say something more about thankfulness. Think of a pot of clay inside of us. Each time we use thankfulness, we stir that pot of clay with our words, keeping it soft. It is an active muscle in our beings that turn, keep in shape, and remain fresh for His work in us. If we do not actively operate in thanksgiving, our very bones grow stale. Lifeless. Dull. Like a room slowly starting to cover in dust. Thankfulness opens the souls passageways. Passageways we can never find on our own, but prepare ourselves with thankfulness, that the King may invite us in and bring us into those places.

I ponder these things. Some as I have experienced, some as I have remembered, and some I’ve seen as I write.

May we give God the glory that is His when we face these things, for it is in His mercy that we do. We lean into Him harder, humble ourselves lower, and surrender our wills greater.

Living In Freedom Requires Living In Beauty

Did you know that not expressing your beauty actually stunts your identity from blossoming? It’s not just about how you look and what you wear, nor am I referring to your mouth verbally declaring it. With everything you do, say, like, create, taste, etc is a personal expression of who you are being released. If beauty cannot come out, a majority of your personhood is likely to be trapped as well.

Let me start from here: as I share about the secret place with God in my other posts, I am referring to the world inside my heart where I spend time with Him. It’s a place filled with many things and it’s constantly expanding. That world represents my unique beauty with Him and I carry it out into daily life. It is a living, breathing thing. It is constant and eternal. It is a fountain that floods freedom. It is refreshing to the receiver who experiences it. This is the same thing you’re meant to carry. When we don’t display our beauty, it’s depriving our spirits of oxygen.

Everyone has an internal reservoir where they keep their ‘things.’ All your ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and desires come from that space. If it’s been infiltrated with negativity or a characteristic thats not of you, it’ll pollute your system. Our bodies are made so aware with what they’re meant to specifically carry that they will slowly shut down after a long time of carrying things that don’t belong there. It’s a necessity that we flourish and unveil the truth about our endless beauty, beginning with Jesus uncovering it in us.

There’s room for you and the things you have to offer, yet so many dreams are squashed because the second they’re introduced, a negative belief we’ve kept inside snatches it away. Beauty starts with creating a free internal home inside our hearts. It needs the right kind of air to breathe and grow. Then, it’ll slowly begin to blossom in the simple things you do every day. You’re making a powerful choice to make room for something that’s been yours all along.

I remember when I was just beginning to walk in the consciousness of my beauty and I’d make my morning trip to the coffee shop before work. Several times, a woman (different each time) would stop to look at me. Another one followed me around for a minute or two. And the other one flat out said, “you’re… beautiful!” It was wonderfully strange. As I engaged with them, there was so much grace flowing for me to put something into their hearts. With each woman, I could feel what they were pulling on from my secret place, and each time Jesus would say, “Oh, give them this!,” “Oh, give them that!,” in His excited giddy tone. It was so easy to see that they were drawn to something I had internally cultivated (I didn’t walk into the coffee shop blurting out, “notice my beauty everyone!”) yet it was written all over me– it was in the very world, the presence I carried with me into the coffee shop.

This is a small example of the many things beauty does and offers. Pure beauty doesn’t steal away from others, it gives to them. It encourages, uplifts, and causes others to become aware and awakened in their own beauty. Beauty gives because it’s a fountain that overflows. It’s born within us when we come face to face with its true nature and understand its power of residence inside us. Let’s think about it: beauty is one of the things women in particular are always running after, yet there’s been a cloud of fear and shame to boldly walk in it and display it confidently. I believe one of the reasons are because the world sends a lot of mixed messages regarding the topic. One day beauty looks like this and another day beauty looks like that. One month this word will be ok to say and another month this particular attire will be ok to wear. What? In my mind, that sounds utterly exhausting. Beauty is an inside job, reserved for you to create and choose together with Jesus.

Here’s the other side to walking in beauty freely: your eyes get opened to see the worlds beauty as well and not judge half the amount of things you may have before. When I look back to how I’ve judged things in the past, they were always reflecting areas in my life I didn’t have truth and freedom in. We’re setting ourselves free from a whole lot when we live out of beauty. We tap into admiration for people + things, which is one of the main gifts that come with it. You see the world on a greater scale with God and understand His heart for people, even if they don’t know Him! It is all the same– beauty being a universal language and an unending overflow of God’s masterpiece in us.

How God Sees 'Hanging Out'


           The idea of spending time with God will instantly hit your mind and heart in a certain way. What does it trigger on first hand? Fun? Boring? Scary? Or does your mind simply just go… blank. According to how you do your God time will reflect the experience you get out of it. I want to debrief some common stumbling blocks we come into and release some freedom into this oh-so-fun experience made just for us. Yes, it was made for us.

           When I’m in my daily routine, I have this sense and awareness of God all the time. He’s there, He’s in me, and we’re doing things together. However, His heart goes into a different kind of excitement when I put everything aside to just ‘hang’ with Him.

             This is what happened today. I was sitting at my desk working and going a mile a minute with planning, yet I could feel Him tugging gently on my heart to give him five minutes. Yes, five minutes. (We also need to remember that time isn’t the same for Him. I’ve found that just five minutes with God can put me a week ahead of where I am physically, emotionally, mentally, etc. ) As I laid myself on the floor, He began to tell me something magnificent that I think will change how we do our God times:


“Beloved, our hang out time is never based on you giving Me your time so that I can give you something in return.  Being with Me is simply being with me, while your desires and giftings emerge on their own. They can’t help but arise simply because you’re in My presence. Even if I were to never give you those things, they’d still be opened for you. Why? Because all truth and desire is surfaced in My Presence. Naturally, the longings of your heart are made known in our sacred time together. If this is so, then our time is not merely to ask for things that are already yours, but to allow Me to enjoy who you are as it unveils for your own eyes, too. When you’re in the Presence, your spirit in Me begins to infiltrate your mind and heart. Your thinking and vision become clear. Your perspective comes into Truth itself, often feeling like a new thing, but it’s the veil lifting to show you what has always been.

An unawareness of who I am for somebody causes them to misplace their perspective. The desire to be with Me is what I long for from you the most. What I have to share in My heart with you is far greater than your giftings, but even those shall be added to you too.

It brings Me immense joy to experience you loving on My heart and bringing Me the treasures inside it. I make you capable to do so– feeding your heart the confidence of its abilities to love well. Know that all the details of where you’re going in life are being worked out on their own because you’ve chosen to put yourself in the safest place possible. I am the wildest desire You’ve ever had– the very castle that invites you in. When you enter, you see that your desires are already stored in every room for your exploration. However, its your awareness of the home you’re in that makes all the things inside it worthwhile.”

When He shared this with my heart, it was a rush of freedom– all over again. Being with Him really has no strings attached. We’re already receiving everything our hearts desire because we’re close to the One who spills out desire itself. He never gave me my gifts because I hung out with Him. The gifts emerged on their own as intimacy birthed its way. It’s a beautiful, powerful truth that completely changes the way we approach our times with God. Let it bring freedom, ease, comfort, and fun. -M