The Jealous Love is a ministry to activate hearts into living from the secret place. This is a place for encouragement, wisdom, devotionals, and practical ways of inviting God into everyday life. I believe words are living seeds and sowing them into the heart of a reader can spark a flame in their journey. The hope is to see a vibrant inner life become a reality with God and see it manifest into every area of life. 



Mel Denisse– founder of The Jealous Love is a writer and author based in Los Angeles, CA


Teachings and inspirational writings including: daily devotionals, blogs, and spiritual principles from the bible teaching on a lifestyle of living from the secret place. 

The Secret Place– As I've experienced...

The secret place was where I first discovered how to truly live from a place of beauty and freedom. It's the source of how we operate and ultimately where our identity manifests from. It's an inherent part of God's nature to meet you in the secret place to allow you to encounter 1. Who He is for you specifically, 2. Who you are in Him, 3. and Who you are together. It's always accessible and always happening. Approaching your beauty is also first and foremost found here– to encounter it here and begin to display it outwardly. There is a way to cultivate a healthy internal lifestyle with His truth, His visions, and His promises that ultimately cause a healthy 'garden' in your heart to bloom. Our natural state of being is meant to be flourishing– cultivating a place of rest and truth from the inside out. Beauty is a way of being and this is where pure beauty is experienced and released.  

This is a place to not only inspire hearts into the secret place, but practically give the tools and steps into how that's done and lived out. 


Daily Devotionals & 'The Jealous Love' book

The first 'The Jealous Love' book is planned to be released sometime in 2018. There is also The Jealous Love devotional book expected to be released as well. Everything I've experienced in the secret place will be in the book-- the encounters along with the wisdom that's been poured in.

The daily devotionals are posted on the Instagram page and here on the site. I'm passionate to see words come alive and the photos I use are specifically influenced from my encounters. The attire, the scenery, the colors-- all of it is intentional because God is intentional. There is a way to display ourselves through Him thats beautiful and it's my heart to release it to others.



Our beings are the garden in which the Beloved takes delight in. The body is the host of a world to be shared between two lovers– creator and creation.